Feb 1 2011

Feathered Capelet for Carnaval

I finished both the armbands and capelet for my friend’s Carnaval costume. My deadline is getting closer and closer, and every spare minute is being spent to finish these costumes!feathered cape

feathered cape back

This was super easy to make. You can order this feathered “trim” that is yards of feathers with the ends all sewn neatly into satin tape. I bought the feathered yardage on ebay, but you can buy it all over the place in different colors. These are black with a sheen of iridescent blue and green.

The only drawback to using this tape is that because it’s made in a straight line, it doesn’t drape nicely to the curved shape of your shoulders. If I had more time, I’d work on that, but this will do pig, this will do.  So I took three rows of these feathers and  hot glued each row about three inches below the row above it. Each side then has a long length of ribbon glued onto it to tie it around the shoulders. And just like that – super easy feathered capelet!