Feb 8 2011

Carnaval has come and gone…

All of us at CarnavalIt seems like after months of preparation, the night just flies by! I think one of the things that I’m finding I love the most about Austin’s Carnaval celebration is the preparation. If you don’t try to think about it that way, the night can never live up to all of the work you put into it. I think that goes for a lot of creative endeavors. Imagine being a cake artist, putting literally hundreds of hours into a cake among a team of artists, and watching it disappear in an hour. You have to love what you’re doing. And I love making costumes! And there aren’t a lot of occasions where one can come up with a crazy wonderful idea, execute it, and actually wear it in public under respectful auspices. Anyone who’s ever worn “sexy” clothing on sixth street knows what I mean.

Austin’s Carnaval party is a place where you can feel comfortable in very little clothing, knowing that people are admiring you, but not trying to take liberties. Never once have I been groped, grabbed, or even rubbed against in an inappropriate way. Of course, moving through the crowd some rubbing is unavoidable, but never disrespectful. People ask politely to take pictures with you, and compliment your crazy or beautiful costume. It’s an incredible boost of self confidence, on both personal and artistic levels.

The music is always wonderful, and the people are always friendly. I always get to talk to interesting people that have traveled from all over to enjoy a bit of Rio, Austin style. The  people watching is fantastic. The ideas that people come up with are bizarre and inspiring. It makes me want to go home and sketch immediately!

And did I mention the infectious music? You just can’t help getting caught up in the music and wanting to dance for hours on end. This year my shoes weren’t the best for hours of being on my feet. I had only worn them twice before, and not for such long periods. Next year I’ll figure out how to do shoes that fit the theme *and* carry me through to the end of the night.

So for our costumes this year, I had decided to go with a black leather and feathers theme. I’ve always been fascinated with masks, and decided I wanted to try my hand at mask making. I started out with sketches of masks, and went from there to plan costumes. I drew up a sketch for myself, and for my bestie. I knew that her girlfriend and my hubby wouldn’t want to do full on costumes, so I planned for them to wear all black to match the masks. I hadn’t planned for the masks to be animal inspired but they turned that direction, with the exception of one, which was more of a decorated domino.

For my costume, I created a long sheer skirt with gores and lace trim, leather arm bands with metal rings, a semi-circular backpiece made of leather and feathers, sequined pasties, and my mask. Unfortunately I didn’t make the amazingly cool leather harness, that came from AudraJean’s Etsy shop. I’d love to have one of each of thier harnesses! For Bella’s costume, I made sheer pants inspired by both harem pants and cowboy chaps, a feathered cape, and mask. She also wore a corset I had previously made for my most recent Halloween costume. For her girlfriend, I made the mask, and feathered arm-bands and neck piece to compliment her hawk styled mask. My husband lucked out with just the mask. :) Oh, and Bella and I both got fun feather hair extensions from Salon Ciao Bella in Round Rock. They are so awesome!

Unfortunately, the camera had shown a full charge when we turned it on before leaving, then as we started to shoot showed empty. Because of that, we got a disappointingly small amount of pictures, and most of them are badly lit since I wasn’t smart enough to take them in the lobby rather than inside. Lesson learned for next year!

Jan 30 2011

My newest sewing machine

I always think it’s interesting to see what machines other people sew with, especially because when it’s time to get a new machine it can be an agonizing decision. When I bought my last one I knew it was between Janome and Pfaff because I have a relationship with a shop close by, but that still doesn’t narrow things down very much. So I haunted blogs and forums reading everything anyone had to say about the machines I was interested in. And still, I ended up buying one I didn’t like the first time.

Janome Memory Craft 11000SE

The machine I purchased was a Janome MC11000SE all in one for garments/home dec, quilting and embroidery. Within about a day of bringing it home I started in with major buyers remorse. It’s a very complicated machine, and I was having a very hard time using it. I’m self taught, and I haven’t been doing this for very long. I got excited because it had so many features, but I honestly think there were too many for me at this point. Also, I quickly found that I didn’t like that it was an all in one machine. (I had decided to trade in my embroidery machine when I bought this one.) I’m used to having something running on the embroidery machine while I work on constructing other pieces.

It took a lot of coercion on my part, but I was able to return it for a different machine. It helped that I had already bought a couple of machines from them, and promised to come back when I was ready for another machine. (Some day I will have my dream embroidery machine, the Pfaff Creative Vision.)

So the machine I stepped back to is still no slouch. I got the Janome Memory Craft 6600p, and if it’s possible to be in love with an inanimate object, I absolutely am. You know how they always say you need the right tools to do the job right? I never realized that it was because my basic little Husqvarna Emerald 116 wasn’t quite up to the tasks I was asking it to perform. I still have it as a backup though, because it is a good machine. It’s sturdy and quiet, and for basic stitching it’s great.

Janome Memory Craft 6600p sewing machine
Janome Memory Craft 6600p

So here are some of the features that make it such a dream to work with:

-Very bright natural lighting
-Accufeed fabric feeding system
-Knee lift bar
-Needle up/down button
-Automatic thread cutter
-Tons of specialty feet
-163 stitches with the ability to program sequences
-7 different one step buttonholes
-Several stitches that do a serger’s job
-large extension table

There are really only two drawbacks I’ve discovered – first, there is no free arm, so smaller areas like sleeves are a little finicky to sew. Second – this machine is a beast! (Which can also be a benefit, as it’s very sturdy.) But lugging it to classes, or just moving it around the house is difficult, since it weighs a whopping 27 pounds.

I haven’t had the 6600p very long, but the few projects I’ve completed were quick and easy. Sewing sheer fabrics using the accu-feed system was amazing. No puckering, no skipped stitches, no problems! I’ve also started using all of the specialty feet, and its amazing how helpful they are. I’m sure all of you experienced sewers already know this, but it was a revelation for me! I’m taking classes on the machine, so if I learn anything new and great about the machine, I will share it here.

Since this post is running long, I’ll discuss the embroidery machine I use, which is the Janome 350e at a later date.

Jan 28 2011

Carnaval Countdown!

In a mere 9 days, Carnaval Brasiliero Austin will be going down. If you aren’t familiar with this event, it’s a ginormous dance party with samba music, performers, and tons of half to nearly naked folks with spectacular costumes. This is my third year attending,  and I anticipate there will be many more.

I’ve been working on costumes for almost two months, and now that we’re down to the wire- of course, I’m not done. I’ll have to be hauling ass to get everything finished on time! This is the sketch I came up with before I ever started costumes, with a tentative theme of black leather and feathers. In the next couple of days I plan on getting outside to take better pictures of all of the elements I’ve finished so far.

sketch for carnaval costume

My Carnaval Costume

And this one is for a friend:

cotume for carnaval

Bella's Carnaval costume