My name is Destiny, and I live in Austin, TX with my hubby and 3 little bald Sphynx kitties, Zuul, Loki, and Akasha. I love to make things, and I feel a little lost when any time goes by without time lost in creative bliss. I have what I’ve monikered “creative ADD”, meaning that there’s no one medium I like to work with exclusively. (Or maybe in more truthful terms, it means I get distracted by bright, shiny objects.) I frequently come across some new technique or craft that I just *have* to try – which means my supplies seem to be spilling into all areas of the house!

The list of all the things I’ve done would be too long and bore you, so I’ll go with a short one. In addition to a lot of the traditional arts, I sew, knit, crochet, make jewelry, create costumes, do random funny things with glue guns, sequins, and feathers, and most recently, I’m learning to mold leather to create masks.

In the past I’ve been really bad about documenting my process and taking good pictures, so I’m hoping to change things here. It’s kind of funny that I’m just now really makingĀ  the effort to share my experiences, since I think we’re living in the best environment for creativity. The internet means that information is out there for all of us to learn anything we so desire. I can’t imagine how differently things would be for me if I didn’t have access to forums, blogs, and photo-sharing sites. So I’m hoping to give back to the crafting community, and hopefully inspire some people the same way I have been.