A new blog, a New Year’s resolution!

This year I’m trying to get serious about making and selling my stuff on Etsy. I make so much all year long, and I really wish I was doing it as a career. But you really can’t do that without some hard work and a little tooting of your own horn to make people sit up and take notice. So my resolution is to do a little blogging every day. I love making things, and I tend to work on projects obsessively, not even noticing the time until its time to clean up and go to bed, so I never seemed to have the time to write about what I was doing. So, I’ll just add it to my daily schedule until it becomes second nature.

I don’t have everything configured the way I want it to be yet, or have my graphics done. Hell, I don’t even have my DNS routing completed. But I’m working on getting into that habit, so it’s all good!

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